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How to Purchase

Greg Frizzell's books are available for purchase either online or through his office. To purchase online, please go to Master Design Ministries' website. This is the publisher of the books. They take online orders with a credit card payment. The books are shipped from our warehouse in Oklahoma.

To purchase books directly from Greg Frizzell's office, please contact Pat Jones, at the Baptist General  Convention of Oklahoma either by phone at 405.942.3800 or via e-mail at pjones@bgco.org. She is happy to take questions and orders.

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Resources Available from Dr. Frizzell

    Returning to Holiness: A Personal and Church-wide Journey to Revival
    Spanish Version also available

    How to Develop A Powerful Prayer Life: The Biblical Path to Holiness and Relationship with God

    Releasing the Revival Flood: A Church-wide Journey to Miraculous Unity and God-Glorying Fellowship

    Biblical Patterns for Powerful Church Prayer Meetings: God's Changeless Path to Sweeping Revival and Evangelism

    Seeking God Before Seeking a Pastor: Vital Spiritual Principles for Pastor Search Committees and Congregations

    Empower Us O God: Journey to Acts 1:8 Evangelism, Ministry and Prayer
    Local Associations and United Prayer: Keys To The Coming Revival
    Prayer Evangelism for the Local Church: One Church's Miraculous Story of Blessing and Deliverance

    Resources Soon to be Released

    Saved, Certain and Transformed: Journey to Biblical Salvation, Full Assurance and Personal Revival

    Perfect Peace: How to Never Again Doubt Your Salvation

    Iceberg Dead Ahead! The Urgency of "God-Seeking Repentance"
    Victory by Grace Through Faith
    Praying God's Heart in Times Like These
    Powerful Prayer for Every Family Praying a Hedge of Protection
    Healthy Relationships, Healed Families and United Churches: A Personal and Church-wide Journey to the Heart of Revival
    Dynamic Abiding in Jesus: Victorious Living for Every Believer
    Escaping the Trap of Lifeless Religion: The Joy and Peace of Really Knowing God
    America - Revival, Judgment or Both: Recognizing and Reversing the Twenty-Five Devastating Signs of the Times
    Seeking the Reviver, Not Just Revival: Personal and Corporate Prayers That Bring Sweeping Revival
    Restoring Biblical Revivals and Solemn Assemblies: A Missing Key to Great Awakening Churches
    Evangelistic, Revival-Producing Prayer Ministries:The Biblical Path to Kingdom-focused, Revived Churches
    Holiness and Power in Christian Leaders: A Leader's Life Journey of Cleansing, Revival and Spiritual Intimacy with God
    Loving God Means Loving Each Other: Recapturing the Power of Koinonia Fellowship
    Powerful Prayer for Every Marriage and Family: The Missing Key to Healthy Families and Revived Churches

    Updated January 6, 2010

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